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ESports Rules
1. The start dates and times displayed on our website for eSport matches are an indication only and are not guaranteed to be correct. If a match is suspended or postponed, and not resumed within 24 hours from the actual scheduled start time, then wagers on the match will have no action and be refunded.
The exception being any wager on whether a team/player advances in a tournament, or wins the tournament, will have action regardless of a suspended or postponed match.



2. If the name of a player/team is misspelled, all bets will stand unless it is obvious it is the wrong object.



3. All wagers will be settled using the official result as declared by the relevant governing body of the competition concerned.



4. Total Betting: A total in eSports can be Rounds/Maps/Kills or other counting measures dependent on the game. The total will only be referred to as the total.



5. If the announced number of maps/rounds is changed all bets on the handicap or total are cancelled. Bets on the moneyline (outcome of the match) have action.



6. If a player or team receives a walkover or win by admin decision on at least one map, all wagers on the series (moneyline, spread, and total) will be canceled and wagers refunded.



7. Wagers will not be cancelled because a team is playing with a stand-in or replacement player.



8. In games with a Hero Draft/Champions Select phase (dota 2, LoL, etc...) bets during this phase are allowed



9. In a match where one team begins with an advantage of one or more maps, "map 1" refers to the first map played, "map 2" refers to the second map played and so on.

ESports Rules